Determination of Eligibility for the Residential Sound Insulation Program: The process of determining if your home is eligible for residential noise mitigation has started. In the meantime we will be taking the following steps to prepare for this effort:

  • Windshield Survey- The consultant team has conducted a windshield survey of the homes identifies in the noise study. The study consisted of driving throughout the neighborhoods to document the style of homes and basic construction characteristics.
  • Pre-Acoustical Visit- The consultant team has visited 38 homes to date.  The visit consists of a 30 min. appointment to gather additional information prior to the acoustical testing visit. If your home has not been visited please contact us and we will send you a program application.
  • Acoustical Testing Visit- In order to determine whether your home is eligible for full acoustical treatments, an acoustical testing visit will be conducted. The acoustical consultant will perform a test that determines how well your home reduces noise. The test consists of placing a speaker outside of your home, and using a microphone inside measuring how well each room in your home performs. The first round of tests took place in mid-September 2015.
  • Determination of Eligibility- Acoustical test results will be tabulated and used to determine your eligibility. If your home has interior noise levels averaging greater than 45dB, you are eligible for full acoustic treatments, if your home has interior noise levels averaging less than 45dB, you are not eligible for primary acoustical treatments but may be eligible for secondary treatments and ventilation.
  • Homes in the 70 db Contour- Homes located within the 70 dB noise contour are eligible under federal regulations to request that the Tweed-New Haven Airport Authority acquire their home rather than make noise mitigation improvements to their house.  If your home is in the 70 db contour you will receive a letter from the Airport asking you to decide if you wish for your home to be acquired.  If not, assuming your home is determined to be eligible for acoustic treatments per the process described above, your home will be placed on the priority list for sound insulation.