In order for a home to be considered for the Residential Sound Insulation Program, it must be:

  • A legally permitted residential structure constructed before October 1, 1998.
  • Located within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved program boundaries.
  • An owner or tenant-occupied residence such as a single-family or two-family home or condominium or apartment.
  • Free of major building code violations.

FAA residential sound insulation programs, including the Tweed New Haven Regional Airport’s Sound Insulation Program, are voluntary. Willing owners of homes that meet the specified requirements must indicate their desire to participate (apply for participation) in the program by completing a series of forms that include:

  • An application.
  • A homeowner agreement.

Priority will be given to those in the loudest noise impacted areas.  Find out if your home is within the current Program Boundary by clicking on the search icon on the map and typing your full address on the search bar. If your home is within the noise contours or the mitigation boundary it will be considered for noise mitigation treatments. The program does not extend outside of these lines at this time.