In early 2011, the Tweed-New Haven Airport Authority launched a noise study to model and evaluate noise in the vicinity of the airport.  The noise study was a voluntary effort by this Authority to put in place a comprehensive long-term noise compatibility plan for its operations and promote a collaborative relationship with the community by addressing concerns about airport noise in an inclusive and meaningful way.

The noise study culminated with two key components: noise exposure maps and a noise compatibility program. The noise exposure maps identified where noise impacts occur, today and into the future.  The noise compatibility program consisted of measures proposed to reduce noise impacts on the community.

IMG_3483In 2013 the FAA approved the Noise Compatibility Plan and Noise Exposure Maps for the airport that were developed through the noise study. One of the 21 recommended actions in the Noise Compatibility Plan is to provide sound insulation in residents’ homes located in approved, eligible areas.

In October 2014 the Authority contracted with a consultant team to implement the Residential Sound Insulation Program.  The team is led by the Jones Payne Group, a national leader in airport sponsored sound insulation programs.