The program will provide you with a team of experts – architects, engineers, acoustical specialists, environmental specialists, and other consultants – who will successfully plan and complete the sound insulation improvements to your home.

Our team is comprised of New England based national experts and local firms who are well respected in their fields of expertise. 

This team will:

  • Meet with you to discuss the program and document existing conditions in the home.
  • Perform a pre-construction acoustical test at select homes to determine its ability to keep out noise (as needed).
  • Prepare a written scope of work with accompanying graphics and floor plans to illustrate the recommended acoustical treatments to your home, and discuss them with you.
  • Prepare final design and bidding documents for the selection of a contractor in a publicly advertised bid process.
  • Provide daily observation and comprehensive inspection of the construction work in your home from start-up through completion.
  • Perform a post-construction acoustical test to see if the improvements perform as expected (if pre-test was conducted).
  • Provide warranties for all installed products and workmanship.

To give you comfort that we have your best interests in mind:

  • All companies that have personnel that enter your home are insured.
  • Every member of our sound insulation team that enters your home has had a criminal background check.

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Our commitment “We will treat every home as if it is our own.